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As your family starts drifting off into a slumber, a hand is lightly placed over the window, making it frost upon touch.  A white haired boy on the other side of the window sighs to himself, happily admiring the closeness of your family. He looks up into the sky, watching the night beginning to illuminate with the soft glow of dream sand.

"Well, looks like Sandy's up finally," he said to himself.   He glanced back into the window.  Dream sand had slipped unnoticed into your home, making its way to your little sister. it formed into a little child and a giant puppy. The white haired boy laughed slightly at the little girls dream. He turned his gaze to the teenager. Dream sand hovered above her, but it ceased to mold into a dream. The boy tapped his chin, looking up at the sky to make sure he wouldn't get caught with what he was about to do.  He turns back to the window, easing it open. Your mother slightly moves at the cold chill that he had brought to the room. The boy floated inside, hovering above the bed, eyeing your dream sand. He let his hand flow through it, and then with a staff he had, used some sort of power to turn your dream sand a light glowing blue. Almost like dream snow instead of dream sand.  The sand slowly formed into a person. The boy smiled, having successfully influenced your dreams. Another person formed in the dream snow, they had a staff like the white haired boy. The two figures seemed to be talking, and then the one with the staff threw something at the other. The figures went to opposite ends of the dream snow, throwing things back and forth at each other. The white haired boy slightly laughed, proud of what he had done.  He turned to the window to make his exit, only to see the sand man, floating in his path cross armed, and a displeased look on his face.
"Oh, hey Sandy," they boy said casually in a whisper. "What brings you here?" The Sandman raised an eyebrow, nudging his head at the dream snow.  The boy sighed.

"All right, you caught me," he said. "But, you cant blame me. It's been forever sense I've seen this kid." The sandman rolled his eyes, and grabbed the boy by the hood of his navy blue jacket to drag him back outside. "Hey hey, let go of me, I can fly just fine," he said in regular volume after the windows were closed.The sandman seemingly talked,  series of pictures forming and disappointing above his head.  But the only sound that came from him was the rustle of sand. "OK, OK I get it. But, so what? I know she's the same person." The sand man grew angry, and the pictures above his head went by faster. The white haired boy shook his head, turning away from the short man of dreams. "You, forget you. I'm not hurting anybody doing this."

"Jack," called a woman's voice. The white hair boy responded to the name, reluctantly turning back around, kicking some snow as he did.  

"Tooth, w-wa..." he tried to say through frustration.  Next to the Sandman hovered a large, fairy, covered in beautiful feathers of many colors.  She flew over to jack, her wings softly beating in the cold air.

"Jack, Sandy's right you know," she told him as kindly as she could. "You don't know what toying around with his dream sand could do. Come on Jack, your promised, even if you found her again that you wouldn't go messing with her dreams." Jack grunted, turning away from his magical comrades.

"Well, you know, maybe I've changed my mind. Maybe, I still want to try and give her at least some of her childhood back." Jack spat. Sandy and Tooth's face saddened at his comment.

"Oh, Jack..." Tooth put a hand oh Jack's shoulder, he only jerked away. "Jack, you know there's nothing we can do for her. What happened to her is out of our reach now. You did all you could for her... Jack, you put out that fire; you saved her life." Sandy nodded his head in agreement.  "Even Sandy tries his best to give her a little something back, but what's done is done Jack. There's not a thing we can do..."

"No, not a thing you can do. You've seen what I can do to her dreams. She-She cant even see me like the rest of you, but she doesn't phase through me  either.  I can help help her, if you just let-" he stopped, taking a glance at Sandy and Tooth. He huffed. "OK, all right. Fine, fine. I save her life, that's good enough. The one guardian that can somehow make contact with her and none of you don't bother to jump at the chance to give one of the many kids that, very well, control our very existence; and-and you don't even bother to give one of these precious kids their childhood back. No, it's all right." Jack took in a deep breath, trying to calm his nerves. He glared at Sandy and Tooth. "Some guardians we are," he spat, then flew off into the night sky.  Tooth and Sandy looked at each other, then went off to their nightly routines.

"Come on Kiddo, get up," James said, pulling your by your arms. You slightly groaned, your head falling back sleepily.

"James, I'm still tired..." you barley managed to mumble.  

"Up up up! Get up! Get up!" Emilee said eagerly, shaking your shoulder. You grunted again. James sighed and let go of your arms, crossing his.  Then his face lit up into a big smile.

"Emilee, come here," he said in a whisper.She happily bounced off the bed. James knelt down to her level and whispered something in her ear. Her face spread into a wide grin, and quickly ran down the stairs.  You were, however, still trying to stay in the dream Jack had given you the night before. The boy you always dreamed about, was trying to tell you something, something important. Jack floated outside your window again, trying to influence your dream still.

"Come on, come on..." he mumbled.

"What?" you asked the boy in your dream. He shouted something at the top of his lungs, but you couldn't hear him, as per usual. But, you couldn't even tell what he was saying either. Suddenly you felt the motion of being picked up and carried. "Whoa, wa- What's going on?" you say to the boy, who was chasing after you. However, in the real world, your father was running with you in his arms through the house.  Jack watched from the windows, flying around from one to the other to keep in contact with you.  "H-Help!" You called to the boy, who only seems to be falling further behind. And soon, he disappeared into a soft most of snow.  You sighed, watching the background of your dream as you still felt the motion of being carried.  You shiver, at feeling a sudden cold breeze. And then, when you look back, the boy was suddenly a whole lot closer.

"Wake up!" he shouted, you getting a slight glimpse of his actual voice. You suddenly snapped your eyes open, but all too late! The next thing you know you were flying through the air, and thrown straight off your porch and into the cold snow outside in your front yard. Jack burst out laughing, easing down on his feet.  You glare at your step father, who quickly realised what he had done and slammed the door shut. You stomp to your feet, and try to pry open the door. When it didn't work, you  pounded on it with all your might.
"Jameson you better open this door right now!" you roar.

"Whoa whoa, calm down there, _____," Jack said, even though he know you were oblivious to him.  "You were the one who didn't want to get up for school. I tried to get you to wake up." Your father and Emilee giggled from the other side of the door.

"You better let me in before I shove a boot up your butt James!"

"What in the world are you doing?" you heard your mom demand on the other side of the door. And, to your relief, she opened the door. She gasped, and covered her moth, trying not to laugh.

"Not funny, mom," you growled, marching inside up to your room. Your mother turned to your father, crossing her arms. He nervously smiled.

"Teens, hehe..." he mumbled. Your mother walked closer to him, and he backed up to the wall. "OK, I didn't know what else to do, she wasn't going to get up for school.MERCY!"The next thing your father knew he was kicked outside into the cold snow as well, in nothing but a wife beater an his boxers. Your mother wiped her hands together, than slammed the door shut. Your father stood up, shivering and holding his arms. "I guess I deserve this..." he said to himself. Jack, who was still hanging around burst out laughing harder than before.

"Oh my-dude! Ha ha! You really must have ticked her off this time!" he said, leaning on his staff for support. He took a breath to calm his laughter and flew up to your bedroom window. You had were heading into your bathroom to change. After you close the bathroom door, he sneakily opened your window, and shut it as quietly as he could.  He lazily walked around your room, looking at all your things.  He chuckled to himself. You had all these drawing of weird creatures, star depictions and charts, research papers, and ancient books on mythology.

"Wow, who knew you'd end up liking all this stuff," he said to himself. "Hmm, I wonder if..." Jack sat on your bed,opening the drawer to one of your night stands. "Well what do you know, she does still have these." Jack let his staff lean on your bed. He pulled out your old binder filled with your dream drawings.  but, there was something different in it this time. It was a new drawing you had made, but it wasn't finished either.  It was a drawing of you and the boy at the lake you had dreamt. You were looking at the bright ball of light you remember the boy making in his hands. Half of the page was well draw out, beautiful coloring, detailed shading and highlights. But, at the start of the boy's hands, the rest was all left sketched. No outlining at all. There wasn't even any detail drawn in the boy, nothing but just a basic human shape.  "Wow... So, t-this is... I make her dream stuff, like this..?"  He goes through the rest of your drawings.  Even through they were all just basic childhood ones, made of crayon wit no realism what so ever, he still smiled.  He sighed happily, beginning to put them away.

Suddenly your bathroom door rattled. In a panic, Jack quickly stood up, putting your binder back in your night stand.  You walked out of your bathroom, shivering and chattering your teeth.  Jack chuckled. "Aw come on, it's not that cold out there," he teased.  Jack  excitedly skipped to your window. "Hey, _____, look. Check out all that snow I put out there. A whole lot more than two inched don't you think?"  You only went to your desk and sat in front of your heater, trying to warm up. Jack pouted. "Man I wish you could still see me..." he said, plopping back on your bed. You jumped, letting out a gasp. Jack quickly got up to. "What, what? What's wrong?" You looked over at your bed, It looked like someone had sat down, then quickly got back up.  You cautiously approached your bed. You watched as frost formed and quickly melted into your blanket. You jump at the sound of cracking frost on your carpet. Jack winced at you seeing his footsteps. He quickly started floating.  You tilted your head, looking around your room. You eased your way to your door, shutting it.

"Who... Who's there..?" you ask, a singe of fear in your voice.

"It's me, Jack Frost. ___, don't you remember? You know that saying, 'Jack Frost nipping at your nose' " Jack said. "Come on, I'm the one who makes it cold here during winter, I made all that snow out there just for you. Heck, you're going to get the whole rest of the week off  of school because of me, " he barked. When you didn't reply, jack sighed and let his head droop. "You know, I'm sorry I couldn't do more for you..." he said sadly. "You know, I bet if I would've made it snow sooner, and made a snow day, your dad would've had to stay home for work. I bet, I would've stopped it all!" He looked back at you re-positioning yourself in front of your heater, but keeping an eye out for something.  "You know, you and I used to play a lot together," he said. "Every year I'd come to this town to make it snow, you were always the first one to see me. You come running up to me, asking me when I was going to make it snow and how much was I going to make." Jack chuckled. "And when I'd get tired of you pestering me for so long, we'd end up having a snow ball fight with all the other kids." He floated around to see your face. "But, you don't remember any of that, do you? You- You were my little side-kick." Jack stared at you, waiting for an answer. He grunted and kicked the air.  "What can I do to make you see me again? I just- I- UGH!"  

You and Jack both suddenly jumped at a knock at your door.  

"Dear, it's me," your mother said from the other side of the door.

"It's open," you said. Your mother come into your room, Emilee fallowing.  You mother walked to you, and gave you a cup of hot chocolate. You smiled and gladly accepted. "Hehe, thanks."

"SO, how's your morning been?" she asked, a smirk smeared on her face. Jack giggled at the comment, earning a look from Emilee.

"What do you think..." you bellowed, taking a sip of your cocoa. Your mom chuckled.

"Well, I guess it could have been better," she said, rolling her eyes. "Well, I've got him back for you."


"Just look outside, dear." You shrugged and got up to look out your window, Jack floating out of your way. James was outside, banging on the door with all his might. You and Jack laughed.

"He's still out there?" Jack said. Emilee giggled at Jack.  He looked over at her, and she smiled. Jack's eyes went wide, remembering
about your little sister being able to see him.  He quickly floated down and put his hand over her mouth. "Shh, don't tell them. They cant see me, OK?" he said. Emilee nodded.

"He's going to get frost bite out there in all that..." you said, shaking your head.

"Eh, he deserves it." you mom remarked with a shrug. ' Especially sense he threw you out there for not getting up for school when there's no school for the rest of the week."

"WHAT?!" you roared. You growled to yourself. Jack chuckled to himself, Emilee watching his every move.

"I told you I made enough snow for a lot of snow days," Jack remarked.  He, twirled his fingers, making a small snowflake and blowing it in your face. You winced,rubbing your eyes.

"Honey, what's wrong?" your mom asked, trying to help you. You couldn't help but laugh, suddenly feeling full of energy.

"Nothing, I'm all right," You say. You giggle. "Oh, James is going to be in for it during the snowball fight today..."  Your mothered sighed.

"You guys just do nothing but butt heads twenty-four-seven..."

"Hey, he starts all the fights, not me." you tell her.

"Uh-uh, right." You stick your tongue out at her, and she rolls her eyes.  She gives you a hug and kisses your cheek. "Please don't brake anything later, all right?"

"No promises," you teased. Jack got a kick out of your comment.

"Later sweetie," she called as she left you and Emilee.

"Wow, sense when did you get to be so cool?" Jack asked. "No promises, I'm gonna use that sometime." Emilee happily sat on your bed, kicking her legs as she studied the sprite.  You sat next to her, giving her a big hug and a nuggie.

"Ah! _____, cut it out!" she giggled.

"That's for helping Dad," you said playfully. Emilee looked down sheepishly, twiddling her fingers.

"He said I could have a cookie before lunch if I did..." she pouted.

"Yeah, but it's not nice to to help toss your big sister in nothing but her pj's out into the snow you know. She could get sick from that," Jack said, leaning on his staff.  

"I said I was sorry..." she mumbled out of character.

"Hm? I never said you didn't, Emilee," you replied. "Who are you talking to?" Emilee looked over at Jack, he put his finger to his lips, nodding no. You looked over where she was, but you didn't see anything.  Emilee looked back at you.

"No one," she said.  You looked back and forth between her and the empty space. You chuckled and rubbed her head.

"What ever you silly goose,"  you said as you grabbed a towel from your bathroom closet. "I'm going to take a shower. Don't get into anything but my toys and art stuff. And don't draw on anything that all ready has stuff on it, all right?"

"OK!" Emilee said, nodding her head. You gave her a smile before shutting your bathroom door.  Emilee looked back at Jack when you were out of sight. "Who are you Mr. Floaty man?"

"Floaty?" he repeated. "Well that's a new one."

"Well, you float in the air, don't you?"

"Heh,I can do a whole lot more than that kid," he said. Jack  flew up to the window, and Emilee followed. "You see all that snow out there? I make that. I make all those snow days all the older kids like so much. I make it cold and freeze stuff, you know. I'm the winter spirit, Jack Frost."

"Wow! You made all that pretty snow?" Emilee asked with glee.

"Every bit," Jack answered.  Emilee stared outside with amazement,  but her expression changed as she thought.

"How come Mommy and _____ cant see you?" she asked. Jack's face saddened at the question.

"Well, you're mom is a grown up. Grown ups cant see me. Your sister... I don't know, I guess she just doesn't believe in me. We... We used to be buds when she was little, but I guess she grew out of it..."

"Mr. Jack?" Emilee said innocently,  grabbing one of his hands with hers. Jack was surprised by her actions. "I'll believe in you, I'll be your friend sense my sister cant anymore." Jack smiled softly, rubbing her head.

"Thanks cutie," he said in a thankful voice.

"Emilee, ______ breakfast," Your mother called from downstairs.

"Come with me Jack! We can share!" Emilee pleaded eagerly. Jack laughed slightly.

"Whoa whoa kiddo, I cant,"

"Aw, why not?"

"I actually have to get outta here. Being a spirit of snow, I cant stay in warm houses for too long otherwise I get sick, OK? I'll catch you sometime later, outside, OK kiddo?"

"Aw, OK. See you later Jack!" And with that, Emilee scrambled downstairs for breakfast. Jack sighed happily, looking at the bathroom door. He went to the window and headed out, closing it softly. Taking one last look at your bedroom, he placed his hand on the window. Frost started covering the whole thing.

"I will get you to see me again, just once. I promise."
Well, I finally added a chapter with Jack actually in it! I tried to keep with chapter chirt and sweet! See the sneobal fight in the next chapter! ^^ Will you really see Jack for the first time in years? Or do you have to wait a few more chapters until then?

Keep reading! Please comment! ^^

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