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Later that day, you and your sister were out in the snow, packing together snow blocks.  

"We gotta be sure to make them really, really big, otherwise it'll take too long to make enough little ones," you told Emilee.

"OK!" she said happily. She took a big chunk of snow and flopped it over two of three block you and she had started.

"Hey _____!" Cody called from down the street, waving his arm in the air.  You happily wave back to him. He and his sister gladly made their way up to your house.

"What are you guys making?" Haily asked Emilee.

"We're making a igloo!" Emilee happily announced.

" 'An igloo' " you corrected her. "When something starts with a vowel, you say 'an", silly goose." Emilee giggled.

"Okie Doke," she chimed happily.

"Came we help?" Cody asked.

"Of course, I don't see why not," you said shrugging.

"Yes!" Cody said to himself. He sat beside you in the deep snow, watching you work on the three block already started.

"We have to start with a circle, OK? Make sure all the blocks end up ,making one," you told him.  

"Yes ma'am!" he said, imitating a soldier. You laughed. Cody scooped up a lot of snow into one pile next to the three blocks. He carefully mesmerized the way you patted and smoothed out the snow into rectangles. Then he did his best to mimic you. He sighed and plunged himself backward into the snow. You turn to look at him, laughing slightly.

"What's wrong little man?" you ask.

"It feels like somethings missing... Like it's not as fun as it should be," he said through his small indent he make in the snow.

"Well, what do you want to do to make this more exciting?" you asked as you started working on shaping Cody's snow pile into a block.

"I have no idea,"he said with a sigh.

"How about some music?" you suggested.Cody sat right up.

"That's perfect!" he said grinning.  But then his face saddened. "Aw,but if we all get our own mp3's out, it wont be fun if all of us cant hear it though."

"I could get my guitar if you like and play something for you."

"Really?" Cody and Haily asked with excitement at the same time.

"You can play the guitar _____?" Emilee asked with surprise.

"She can sing really good too!" Haily told her.  You blushed at the comment.

"Eh, n-no.Not r-really, I cant sing." You stuttered.

"Yeah you can! You're an amazing singer!"Cody said."Come on, go get your guitar and sing for us! Please?" Your face turned darker.

"Oh... all right.."  you gave in. You headed inside to grab your guitar.  Out in the distance, Jack made his way back from where ever he had went to. Emilee squinted, trying to make out his figure. Cody noticed her. He put his head next to hers squinting like she was.

"What are we doing?" he asked. Emilee stood up pointing at Jack.

"I know him!"Haily said.

"What, what? Who is it?" Cody asked, looking around for someone.

"It's Jack, Cody!" Haily cheered.

"No way, Jack's here all ready? Sweet!"

"You guys know Jack?" Emilee asked.

"Yeah, he comes here every year to play with us and make it snow. It not usually as much as time, but it's still fun!" Cody said. "Hey Jack! Over here!" Cody eagerly jumped in the air, waving his arm as fast as he could. Jack floated over and dropped to the ground.

"Hey Kiddo, how's it going? Like  what I did for you guys?" Jack said.

"Yeah, this is totally awesome! This is like the most snow you've ever gave us! I mean it so much that- that if I lay down in it, like this," Cody rambled, falling back in the snow. "It-It make a hole the shape of my body and you cant- you cant even seem me! And-"

"Whoa whoa there, slow down. Easy." Jack said with a chuckle, helping Cody out of the snow.

"Jackie Jackie!" Haily said, doing her best to run through the snow and hugging Jack's leg.

"Hey Cutie, how have you been huh? What are you up to?" he said sweetly, picking her up and giving her a hug.

"_____ was about to sing to us while we worked on making a igloo!" she said happily.

"Sense when does ____ sing?" he asked curiously.

"She doesn't sing a lot. But she's really good at it!" Cody said. "She can play the guitar and a bunch of other stuff too!"

"Well, mind if I stick around to have a listen?"

"Well, sure. She cant see you, so I don't think she'll mind." Cody joked.  Jack set Haily down  just as you came back from inside with your guitar. You grabbed a chair from your porch, shaking off the snow and dragging over next to the blocks of the soon to be igloo.

"OK guys, what'll it be?" you said, taking a seat.

"Jingle Bells!" Haily shouted happily.

"What? No way, she cant sing a Christmas carol, that's boring!" Cody argued.

"Sing a lullaby, please ____?" Emilee asked.

"Why don't you guys ask her to sing a song she likes?" Jack suggested.

"What do you want to sing?" Cody asked in response to Jack's suggestion.

"Um..." you thought for a moment, then shrugged. "I don't really mind."

"Aw come on, _____.Sing one of the songs you like. Please?" Emilee begged.

"OK, sure." You said.  You leaned your elbow on the end of your guitar, thinking. Then you face lit up, thinking of one of your favorite songs with what you thought had some of the best guitar work ever.  You tested your strings, and began playing. Cody, Emilee, and Haily all took a spot in front of you.  Jack tilted his head, surprised at how easily your fingers seemed to glide over the neck, strumming a wonderful tone.  You began singing the words to the song, in tune with your playing.

"Wow..." Jack muttered awestruck.

Your tone changed slightly as you went on to the chours. Your strumming seeming to speed up and slow down perfectly in sync with your voice. Haily and Cody seemed to move their body's to the beat sense they knew the song by heart. It was one you sang to them a few times before. Jack seemed to start to sway to your song as well. Soon, Haily and Cody joined in your singing, almost like a campfire song.  At the end of the song, Cody and Haily laughed hardily. Jack smiled, clapping his hands.

"Wow, that was awesome _____! You've got quite a voice! I wish I had your skill." Jack said, floating around you.

"Sing some more,____! Please?" Emilee asked.

"Yeah, sing some more!"Cody agreed. You blushed, laughing out of nervousness.

"Oh all right, but you guys have to work on the igloo too, remember?" you said.

"An Igloo huh?" Jack asked, looking at the few blocks made so far. "Those are usually made with blocks of ice, not snow. I think snow will just topple over itself."

"No it wont, it's your snow, so it should be strong enough to hold." Cody said to Jack, accidentally forgetting you couldn't see him.

"Uh, Cody." you said confused. "Who in the world are you talking to?"  Cody's eyes went wide and he slapped his forehead.

"Aw man, you think I'm crazy now don't you. Just like my parents!" Cody complained. You laughed.

"Not really. I know you guys are younger than me and can see stuff I cant. Like, you guys can see fairies and ghosts and I cant. " you said, hoping to ease Cody's insecurity."Who are you talking to?"

"Promise not to make fun of me?" Cody asked,biting his lip.

"Cross my heat, hope to die."

"Cody's talking to Jackie!"Haily said gleefully.

"Jackie?Who's that?" you asked confused.

"His name's not 'Jackie', Haily," Cody spat. "His name's Jack Frost."

"Whoa, hey. Be nice to her, I don't mind if she calls me Jackie." Jack said. Cody pouted.

"But it's not your name. You're name's a whole lot cooler than that. You're the god of winter, Jack!" Jack laughed.

"God? Uh, I don't think so. God might be a little over rated," he said, twirling his staff. You smile, watching the conversation happening between Cody and apparently Jack Frost, the winter spirit.

"Is that him, right over there?" You asked, pointing where Cody was facing.

"Huh? What?" Jack said, his eyes going wide. "C-Can you see me?"

"Yeah, that's him right there."Cody said with excitement.  You got up, and walked to Jack, almost running into him. Jack backed up slightly, a little shocked.

"Well, it's very nice to meet you Mr. Frost." you said kindly, holding out your hand to him.

"No way, you can really see him, cant you?" Cody asked, trying to contain his amazement.

"Actually, I cant Cody." you say, not wanting to lie. Jacks face saddened. "But, it doesn't mean he doesn't exists right?" you said with a smile. You look back over at the empty space in front of you. "And might I say, it is an honor to meet the Man of winter himself. That you so much for all this snow this year, Jack."

Jack looks up and down at your face and you hand, not sure how to respond.

"Jack, I think she wants you to shake her hand," Emilee said.

"Yeah, go ahead. I don't bite, " you say with a giggle. Jack looked around,wondering if this was some sort of trick.

"Go on Jackie,  like this. Shake shake," Haily said, pretending to shake an invisible person's hand.  Jack looked at your hand, then back at you. Then he tentatively reached for your hand. When he finally grasped it, he seemed to wince at him not phasing through you. And to your surprise, you felt it.  Jack quickly jerked his hand back,not sure how to respond. You ended up doing the same. Did, did I really just feel that? Did I really just feel someones cold hand?

"What's wrong _____?" Haily asked.

"Huh? Oh, nothing. It just.." you thought for a moment. "Jack's hand is really cold," you said.

"You could feel his hand?" Cody asked astonished.

"Just a little."

"That is so cool! Usually everyone else just goes right through him! That is so awesome!" He shouted.

"More like weird if you ask me," Jack said, opening and balling his hand into a fist several times. "Now snowboarding, that's something cool. "

"Have you ever went snowboarding?"  Cody asked.

"Me?" You asked, still confused.

"Oh no. Jack. He said that snowboarding is cool," Cody said.

"What kind of question is that? Of course I've went snowboarding," Jack said holding his staff on his shoulders. "And it's a whole lot of fun too kiddo."

"Cool! Can you show me how to snowboard?" Cody begged.

"What? Oh no he is not." you said. Jack and Cody looked at you surprised. "For you to be able to snowboard, Jack would have to make this place as thick with snow as the tundras are. And there is no way I'm going to let him that," you said.


"And he's not taking you to the tundras either, got it Cody. I'm responsible for you this after noon. What will I tell your parents when they go looking for you and you're not here? You are staying right here Mr." you declared playfully.

"Whoa whoa, hey! No one said anything about doing tha-"

"Psh, you big party pooper. We would've been back before dark," Cody said, playing along.

"What? Dude, there's no way I'm taking you there. Do you know how much trouble I'd get in with the other guardians?"

"Jack, it's OK. Chill out. We're just playing around."

"You-.." Jack began to say, but couldn't think of anything to day. "OK, that's just not funny." You laughed.

"Jack thought we were serious?" you said laughing. Cody laughed.

"Yeah, he looked like he had just got in a bunch of trouble!" Haily said giggling.

"Oh? So you guys wanna laugh at me do you? Oh all right, hardy har har," Jack said playfully. Just then a car started coming down the road and into the driveway.

"Daddy's home! Daddy! Daddy!" Emilee said, trying the make her way through the deep snow. You smirked to yourself.

"Hey Cody, he's home.  Are you ready?" you said in a devilish voice.

"Oh yeah," he replied in the same tone.

"Wh-what ready for what?" Jack asked confused.  You, Cody and Haily all crouched behind a big pile of snow, loaded with snowballs.

"We've been waiting for him to get home all day. He threw _____ out into the snow this morning in her pj's, and we're going to pelt him with a ton of snowballs to get him back," Cody said,his eyes shining with excitement. Jack smiled.

"Well, this auta be fun. You don't mind if I join in the fight, do you?" Jack asked,scooping up some snow.

"Sure, knock yourself out," Cody said aiming.  Jack blew on his snowball, covering it in a sheet of ice.  

"Here kiddo, try this one on for size," he said, handing Cody his snowball. Cody's eyes went wide.

"Whoa! This thing is frozen solid!"

"That, my friend, is a top notch snowball. One of the best in the world. Go ahead, give it a throw," Jack said, twitching his head in the direction of your step father. Cody peaked slightly above the fort. James was telling Emilee to head inside fir a while. He pulled up a side backpack around his shoulder and shut his car door.  Cody threw the snowball with all his might at James. Whap! It his him square in the forehead and sent him  into the side of his car, which set off the alarm and scaring the living daylights out of him.  

"Yeah! Bull's eye!" He shouted, while you only burst out into laughter.

"Yeah! All right!" Jack shouted, punching the air. James turned off his car alarm, and scanned the front yard.

"All right, which one of your punks threw that at me huh?" James said in a playful voice. You, Cody and Haily stayed silent. So James just shrugged and headed up the porch.

"Fire!" Jack shouted loudly. The next thing James knew was you, Haily,and Cody were throwing one-million snowballs at him a second. James quickly  make up a small fort of snow in the yard and crouched down behind.

"Reload! Reload!" Cody said, pretending to be an army commander. "Enemy has taken shelter! Repeat, enemy has taken shelter! All units prepare for round two!" He suddenly jumped over the fort, with an armful of snowballs.

"YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!" he shouted, throwing as many snowballs he could over your father's poorly made fort. When he was out of snowballs, he crouched over his knees, huffing and wheezing. He looked up to see James bouncing a snowball in his hand. "Aw crud..." he said. James threw one smack dab in his forehead. Cody feel backward in the snow, pretending to die. "Man down man down! All units prepare for impact from enemy lines!" he shouted as a warning.  You and Haily looked at each other and gulped.  A shadow was cast over you and her. You and Haily look up to see Jame's bag filled with snowballs and a huge armful in one arm.

"You're going down..." Jame said eerily.  You and Haily screamed and ran for your lives! James did a dramatic evil laugh and ran after you, pelting the two of you with snowball after snowball.

"Retreat! Retreat! Go to plan B! Mom! We need Help!" you called, still running form James while carrying Haily.

"What, why are you calling for your mom?" Jack asked as he happily watched the show.

"Got it Honey, just give me a second!" she called from inside.  You and Haily smiled at each other.

"OK, you go inside. Don't want you getting hit too," You told her,quickly dropping her off at the front door.

"Come on, what are you doing? Fight back____, show some guts." Jack said playfully. You quickly ran behind your house, and tried to unlock the gate to your back door. But, Jacks frost had frozen it shut, and there was too much snow anyway to get it to budge.

"Well well well..." James said as he walked in the way of your only exit."Looks like I've got you trapped," You panicked and tried to shake the frost off the lock, but it still didn't budge.  "Any last words before I shove all this freezing cold snow down your Jacket?"James said smugly. You looked around for any sort of escape. Jack quickly flew over to your aid, making one of his frozen snowballs.

"____, here. Throw this at him,"  Jack offered. but, you didn't see him, or the snowball. You hunched down in the corner, bracing to he froze to the bone once again.  Jack sighed. "Guess we'll have to do this my way then," he said as he picked you up, much to your surprise.  He place the frozen snowball in your hand, and put his hands on your shoulder, facing you toward your dad."Go on, throw it!" he said. And, with a sudden burst of energy, you threw it with a large amount of force, the snowball slamming right into his gut.  James let out some sort of noise, dropping hie snowball, and feel to the ground gasping for air.  "Yeah! All right! That was a great shot ___! You knocked the wind right out of him!" Jack cheered.

"_____, ready when you are!" your mother said from somewhere near by. Your face sudden;y sent back into panic and ran.

"Let'er go mom!" you shouted,  taking cover behind your fort. Jack and James looked around, wondering what you were talking about. But suddenly there was a snap!  And then there was the sound of something rolling.  Jack looked up, to see a giant snowball rolling off the roof and right at them! "Jack quickly tried to fly out of the way, but it was all too late! POW! The giant snowball slammed Jack right into the ground, and toppled over James. Not only that, but it shook a few near by trees and made snow fall off them and add to the snow that had all ready buried them.

"WOOHOO!" Cody shouted, jumping up from his position of playing dead! "It worked, it work! You got 'em ____!"

"Wooo! All right!" You shouted back.

"Did I get them?" Your mom called from the roof.

"You got them all right! You called back to your mother. You and Cody cautiously approached the big blob of snow.

"You think he's dead?" Cody asked,looking for any movement.  Suddenly you and Cody shrieked at a hand bursting through the snow. But, it turned into laughter at hearing James muffling for help under the snow. You and Cody grabbed a hold of his hand and pulled.

"One, two three, PULL!" You said. You and Cody pulled his arm as hard as you both could. "One, two three, pull! One, two three, PULL!" And finally, James gasped for air at his head being pried out.

"Freedom...! Oh sweet, sweet freedom!" he chattered. You and Cody laughed at his comment.

"Looks like we won this battle, haven't we?" You remarked, sitting on your father's back.

"Y-You m-may have w-won the b-battle.... B-But you will l-lose the w-war!" James stammered through his shivering.

"Yeah yeah, whatever..." Cody said.

"J-Just g-get me out of h-here!" James demanded. You and Cody laughed, happily pulling James the rest of the way out of the snow, helping him walk inside. Jack then burst out from the top of the snow.

"Whoo! Yeah! All right! That was so awesome!" He said. "Let's do that again!" Jack turned around to see you guys heading inside. "Aw, well you guys are no fun. " He said to himself. He sighed and watch you guys head to the kitchen to prepare some hot chocolate. Jack smiled to himself, feeling proud of the chaotic snowball war he had just induced. Cody noticed him at the window and waved. Jack waved back and  flew back up into the sky. Feelings his work for the day here was done, he headed off to play with some other kids for the day.
OK, here it is! The first snowball fight of the fanfic! Woohoo! I hope you readers like this chapter! xD It's a little over the top, but then again, you are a genius dear reader. ;) =P

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Saige199 Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2012  Student Digital Artist
heh heh, i just watched the movie, a fanfic would be cool! forgive me for starting at 5 :P
anime-manga-freak1 Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
There's a link in the discription if you want to start from 1! ^^ Read away! ^^ Thanks for the favorite by the way! ^^
Saige199 Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2012  Student Digital Artist
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