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It was evening, you were laying in your bed doodling. Cody and Haily had gone home, and your dad was sneezing his brains out.  You search through your pencil pouch for a light blue color, putting the other one you were using behind your ear.  Your drawing was of two hands meeting in a shake. From the hand on the left emulated a bright light  and snow that swirled around both hands.  You used the light blue to outline some of the bright swirls to give it more depth and add a glow.  Emilee was on the floor next to your bed making drawings of her own.  You smile, looking over her shoulder to see her drawing the snowball fight she had watched from the window.  But, you noticed an extra person floating above the rest of the people. You smiled to yourself. That must be Jack, you thought. You lean back on your pillow and look at your hand, opening and closing it a few times. Maybe I just got too into pretending he was real that imagined it. You look back down at your drawing. Maybe it was just a cold breeze, or maybe some snow had fallen from a tree. But, then that doesn't explain the frozen snowball from no where...  You set your drawing down on the bed and walked to your desk. I think It's time I research this Jack Frost.

Emilee happily hummed to herself as you began your research.  She picked up her drawing, inspecting it for flaws. When she seemed satisfied, she got up and walked to you.

"What do you think ____?" she asked. "I drew the snowball fight!" You turn in your chair to look at the drawing.

"That's really good. You draw super great for your age!" you say with delight. Emilee blushes at your praise. "Do you want to hang it up?"

"Yeah!"  You grabbed some tape from your desk and followed her to an empty space on your wall. "Right here!" she said, holding the picture up where she wanted.

"OK, a little tape here and here..And there we go. Hanging up for everyone to see." you said happily. Emilee admired her drawing in pride. "Is that supposed to be Jack Frost?" you asked,  pointing to the floating person.

"Uh-uh!" she said. "He's up in the sky 'cause he can fly! I wish could go flying with him." You giggled.

"I guess it would be fun to fly," you agreed.

"Hey, ____?"


"Jack said people who don't believe in him cant see him. It that why you cant see him, because you don't believe in him?" You sighed. And as if on cue, Jack  was on his way back from a snowball filled day with the town. He glided his way to your window, watching you and Emilee from outside.

"I'm sorry Emilee, but I don't believe in him.." you say reluctantly.

"Why not? Jack is real, you shook hands with him, he gave you a snowball to throw at Daddy," she argued. You shrugged.

"I just- I don't believe in that sort of thing. If science says it cant happen, then I usually don't believe in it." Emilee looked like she was about to cry, and Jack seemed like he was struggling to stay up in the air. Jack eased down onto your balcony, watching you and Emilee through the glass doors. You gave Emilee a big hug and picked her up into your lap.

"Hey Hey, it's all right. Just because I don't believe in his, doesn't mean he's real," you said in a motherly voice. You kissed her cheek. "Jack is real to you, Cody, and Haily, right?" Emilee nodded. "The who cares what I think? As long as you guys believe, then you guys can just play with him all day long. "

"B-But Jack said... Jack said you guys used to be best friends  when you were little... A-And he's really, really sad that you cant see him anymore...." she tried to  say through her tears.

"Shh, shh. It's all right.. It'll be OK.." you cooed. Emilee kept crying.

"No it wont!  Everyone has a best friend! Best friends are supposed to be friends forever, and now Jack doesn't have a best friend forever anymore!"

Jack smiled from the other side of the doors, feeling touched that Emilee was that concerned for him and his past friendship with you.  You rocked Emilee back and forth in your arms, starting to hum tune. It was a lullaby, the same one your mother sang to you when you were little when you got upset. Jack seemed swayed by your voice in such a soft and smooth tune in comparison to the song you sang earlier. You sang more, your voice filled with passion and love. Jack put his hand on the door, moved by your words.  You kissed Emilee's head, continuing to hum the tune even though the song was done. You stood up, setting her in your bed.  You pulled the covers over her, tucking her in. You sat next to her, petting her head and humming just a little longer.  Your wiped her tears and kissed her forehead.

"Emilee, how about tomorrow, you, me, and Jack just have a day with the three of us, OK? Your and Jack can do anything you want to help me see him, all right? How does that sound?" you offered.  Emilee nodded yes, trying her best to get her breathing back under control. Jack's face seemed to light up at your offer.  You smiled softly at Emilee. You picked up her little stuffed animal on the grounded and handed it to her. "Sweet dreams, little sister,"  you told her. You got up and headed back to your desk, continuing your research on Jack.  but, now you found it hard to concentrate from Emilee's little outburst. After a little while, you got fed up from your lack of focus.  You decided to grab your Jacket and stand out on your balcony, much to Jack's delight. You shiver upon entering the cold air once more.

"____, that lullaby was beautiful," Jack complimented you. "You know, you should really think about going into singing for a career." You look up at the stars, almost looking for the answer to all your problems up there somewhere.  You quietly start humming the tune of the lullaby to yourself, finding it soothing in your sense of unusual state of loneliness.  Jack leisurely leaned on the edge of your balcony,  relaxing to your humming. You sighed and  rested your elbows on the edge of the balcony.

"Hey, what's wrong?" Jack asked. turned around to face the same way you did, looking out into the scenery.  You began singing lazily, but it still sounded as passionate as before.  Jack turned his head, watching you with deep interest. but, instead of stopping after the chorus, you continued on to the second verse of the song. Jack closed his eyes, feeling soothed by your song. He slightly sung part of the song with you, slightly recognize that verse.  You took a deep breath from a breeze of cold air at the end of the song. Though, you slightly shivered from the chill. Jack noticed.

"You know, you can get a cold from being out here too long, ____," Jack said. You didn't answer, "Hey, ____, woohoo." said.  He sighed, knowing he couldn't get your attention.  "Hey, airhead, go inside before you get sick," Jack said shoving your shoulder. You jump in surprise. Jack laughed. "That's right, I pushed you,"  he joked. You rubbed your shoulder, then smiled to yourself.

"I'm guess that was you, Jack?" you said to the into the air.  Jack seemed surprised.

"Wait, can you-?" Jack started to say, but he stopped knowing you really couldn't. "Ah, never mind. You cant see me, or hear me at all, can you?"  

"Jack, if you are real, l'd really like to see some proof," you said. "Emilee told me that you told her that you and I were best friends at one point, today. And, she got really upset that I couldn't see you because I don't believe in you..."

"Yeah, I know. I seen," Jack said sadly. "I see a lot of things that happen to you, all the time. I'm always hanging around your house,____. But- you... you don't ever see me..."

"Jack, I'm going to give my whole day to you and Emilee tomorrow. If you are real, do anything you can to get my attention, all right?" you said. "I used to believe in creatures like you a lot when I was little. And, even to this day, I'm still fascinated by magical being. If you can prove to me, you're real,I'll believe in you. I'll do everything in my power to see you like Emilee says you want me to. "  Jack looked at you with amazement. You were actually serious about this, and he couldn't believe it.  "But, you've only got that one day. So, don't fail me. Please. I... I want to believe like I used too... I want to be able to see the things these kids do... I want to see you, just like they do Jack... I want to feel like a little kid again..." You stared at the empty space of your balcony, waiting for a reply.

"_____..."  jack said, feeling touched by your words. You looked back out into the stars. You smiled at your own thoughts.

"You know, if you do really turn out to be as real as they say you are, Jack; Well, that'd make me really happy. I dream about this boy, all the time who had these magical powers. Even when I was little, I dreamt about him. He, seem so real, in every aspect. but," you began. "I can never see his face, I can never hear his voice. But, somehow, I can always know exactly what he's saying, and where he's at." You sigh. " Even though I couldn't see him, I knew he was my best friend. but, then again, he was just a dream...I remember wanting to have a friend just like the boy in my dream so bad." you giggled to yourself. "Man, I must sound nuts talking to no one out here." you say to yourself.

"Wait, no. You're not alone, I'm listening to every word your saying," Jack said.  You opened your door and stepped inside.

"You've got all day tomorrow Jack, don't disappoint me." And you shut the door, leaving Jack outside all alone. Your words went right through him. Jack groaned, rubbing his head. but, then he took a deep breath.

"Don't worry,____. I wont let you down this time." Jack said with triumph. "No, not this time. I will get you to see me."
That night, Jack stayed outside your balcony the whole night. He kept brainstorming on ways he could some how get you to believe in him. He twirled his staff around his fingers deep in thought. But, his thoughts were interrupted by something suddenly swooshing past him. He quickly reclaimed his balance and went after it. He quickly turned around again, the same thing going right past him.

"Who's there?" Jack demanded, holding his staff ready to fire.

"Aw, now that's hurtful Jack," said and older man with a slight British accent. "You don't recognize you're old friend, the Boggy-man?"

"Pitch..." Jack mumbled. "What do you want Pitch?"

"Aw, now is that anyway to greet an old friend Jack?"

"I'm not friends with you," Jack spat. "I thought we took care of you."

"Yeah, well. You cant get rid of fear, so easily. You see, there are still, many, many children that are scared of the dark you know." Suddenly Pitch appeared behind Jack and put a hand on his shoulder. "Boo." he whispered in Jack's ear, earning a super fast reaction of Jack shooting a blast of his icy powers.

"Pitch! Fight me you coward!"  Jack called.

"Aw, now what fun is it to just get right to the action? Why don't we play a game first?" Jack growled to himself, gritting his teeth. Suddenly he heard pitch yelp, along with seeing a bright yellow light. Jack quickly ran to attack Pitch, but Sandy was all ready whipping him, literally.

"Ack! OK OK! Sandy, you got me, OK!" Pitch pleaded.  Sandy turned his whip into a chain and wrapped it around him.

"Is everything all right?" Called Tooth from the distance. "I heard screaming."

"Ah don't worry, Sandy and I got it all under control," Jack said. Tooth gasped at seeing Pitch and flew down beside Jack.

"Wh-What is he doing here?" she asked Jack.

"Beats me," he said shrugging. "Why are you here Pitch?" Sandy yanked the chain, as a gesture to get him to talk.

"Oh, nothing. Just taking a nightly stroll, That is, until you two attacked me." Pitch said.

"Yeah, right. You expect us to believe that?" Jack said.

"We know how you are Pitch," Tooth said. She grabbed him by his collar, bringing his face close to hers. "Now what are you up to?"

"Oh please, you think I could be up to no good after our last battle? I'm weak for heaven's sake, do you see me with any nightmares

"You know, I think we should lock him up, just to be safe," Jack suggested.

"What? You- You have no right to, I've done nothing wrong!"

"Spill it, Pitch! What have you done?" Tooth demanded.

"I've done nothing what so ever. At last, nothing you know about," Pitch said with a smirk, chuckling a bit. Tooth sneered, and suddenly gave him one heck of a punch in the face.  Pitch groaned.

"OK, look as much fun as it is catch in up with old friends,I'm afraid I must be going..." Pitch said, and then his body suddenly turned to black sand.  Jack,Tooth, and Sandy immediately all went back to back, ready to attack.

"Pitch you coward!" Tooth shouted.

"Oh, mua?A coward.Oh, well isn't that a nice name... I'll have to remember that when my plan unfolds..." Pitch's voice said, laughing from no where.

"Plan? Pitch!" Jack bellowed angrily.

"OH don't worry, you'll all get to see it happen soon enough. Especially you, Jack. I have something special in store for you."

"Pitch!" Jack roared.

"Oh no, this is not good. Oh, we have to warn the others!" Tooth panicked. Sandy nodded in agreement. "I'll go tell North, you guys go tell Bunny! Quick!"

"Right," Jack said. And with that said, they split ways in a hurry. Back at your place, Pitch had snuck his way into your bedroom. He chuckled to himself.

"Aw, look at you. You've grown quite beautiful, haven't you my dear?" he said, looking at you sleep. "You look just like your father. What a great man was he..." He smiled to himself, looking at your dream sand, turned to dream snow by Jack. "Aw, how sweet. He cared that much about you that he figured out how to give you dreams, Isn't that touching." Pitch touched your dream snow, the part Pitch touched spreading to the rest of your dream. You groaned in your sleep, shuffling in un-settlement. "Poor girl. Doesn't even care for her best friend, and yet... You still believe in the Boggy-man, don't you?"
Pitch smiled in delight at one of the figures in your dream, fighting to escape the nightmare. The figure that looked like Jack fought strong though.  Pitch frowned at that, urging the nightmare on. The black sand soon enveloped the miniature Jack, and Pitch smiled.
"Now, that's more I like it,"he said with pleasure. But all too soon. Through the seems of the black sand came the light blue light, and it burst through the black sand, turning all different colors, and then back to light blue. The miniature Jack pulled your figure back up, giving it a hug. Your dream then resumed.  Pitch snarled. "Looks like this might be more difficult than I thought." He said. he looked back at you. "Soon, my dear. I will have what I want, and nothing, will stop me. Not-this-time! "
OK, I hope you all have engoyed reading so far! I hope you all like this chapter, because Now Pitch it starting to get involved, and he obviously know you well. ;) =P

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mirajane6 Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
I must say, This story is truly amazing. I feel like I am actually there. Great work! Can't wait for the next chapter!!!!
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Aww, thank you so much! ^^ IM so glad you like it! ^^
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