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"Come on, ___! Wake up, wake up, wake up!" Shouted Emilee, jumping on your bed. You groaned.

"Emilee, it's seven in the morning... Jack cant wait until at least nine..." you grumbled sleepily.

"Seriously, kiddo. I can wait till she's ready to get up," Jack said.

"No! We only have one day to get her to see, you, we have no time to waist!" Emilee declared. "Come on. up up up! Jack's here waiting for you right now! Get up!"

"What? How the heck did he get in?" Emilee stopped jumping on your bed, mumbling something. You turned over on your bed, to face her.

"What was that?"

"I... let him in through the window..." She said shyly. You looked over at the window that was still open.
"Jeez, no wonder it's so cold in here.." you say, getting up and shutting the window.  You plop down back in your bed, wrapping your blanket around your arms. "So, how should we begin this thing?" you asked unenthusiastically.

"Um...." Emilee said, plopping down to a sit on your bed. She looked up at an empty space in the air. "What do you think Jack?" she asked.

"Actually, don't you guys think it might be better to, you know, eat and get dressed and all that stuff before we actually try anything?" Jack said sarcastically.

"Oh.." Emilee said, holding her belly from feeling hungry suddenly. "Jack said we should eat and get dressed before we do anything. " You laughed.

"Well then, how would you like some pancakes Em.?" you asked. Emilee's eyes got really big and she nodded yes.

"Oh! Can Jack have some?" she asked. Jack chuckled.

"I actually don't eat much Kiddo." he said.

"Oh, OK. Never mind, _____. Jack said he don't eat much."

"OK, suite yourself Jack." you said with a shrug. "OK, come here short stuff," you said to your sister, picking her up. You lazily carried her down the stairs, Jack floating close behind.  "All right, do you want chocolate chip, blue berry, or just plain?" you asked setting her down right before entering the kitchen.

"Chocolate Chip!" she cheered. She ran up to the island, trying to reach one of the top of the tall chairs.

"OK, up you go," Jack said, happily helping Emilee to the top of the chair.

"Hurry! ____! Look look!" Emilee shouted.

"What? What? What's wrong?"  You said, quickly turning around.

"Aw, you missed it!" Emilee pouted, just as Jack let go of her.

"Uh, what did I miss?" you asked clueless.

"Jack picked me up and put me in one of the tall chairs, and sense you cant see him I would be floating. but you missed it!" she explained.

"Oh. Uh, my bad...? Sorry," you said, not really sure how to respond. You begin putting together a batter of instant pancake mix, alone with some chocolate chips. It was unusually quiet all accept the sound of you mixing the batter. Then, there were a few creeks in the wood. You didn't seem to notice. Emilee and Jack did though. More creeks again. Jack held his staff firmly in his hand, ready to attack.

"Man, why is he here, of all places?" Jack Said to himself.

"Who's here Jack?" Emilee asked.

"This really, uncool guy who likes to give you guys nightmares," Jack said. Emilee gasped.

"The boggy-man?" she asked in fright.

"Don't worry, I'll protect you." There were a few more creaks in the wood, one after another. Louder and louder with every step. And then suddenly, James popped out from behind you, scaring you out of your whits. Emilee and Jack quickly turn around, then both relaxed at seeing it was only your step father. Jack sighed, slumping his shoulders and placing his forehead on his staff. James weakly laughed.

"James, that wasn't funny! I could have spilt this all over the floor!" you barked.

"Aw, some one's not a morning person," James chimed in a sing-song voice, sounding like he had a stuffy nose. You growled to yourself, picking up a mixing spoon you had dropped. "So, what'cha making? Huh?" James asked playfully, poking your shoulder. "Huh? Huh, huh, huh? Huuuuuuh?"

"I'm making chocolate chip pancakes," You say bluntly, holding back some anger.

"'Oh, now that sound great! Make me some while you're at it." You growled at him telling you to do something rather than asking you instead.

"You know, there's a thing called manners for a reason..." you said with sarcasm.

"Oh, you're right!" James said. "Emilee, elbows off the table, ans sit up straight." Emilee looked at James like he was nuts.

"Wha-? But I didn't do anything?" she whined.  Jack laughed.

"Are your guys' mornings all ways like this?" he asked teasingly.

"All right, what is going on down here?" you mother said as she came down the stairs.

"What's 'going on' " you said. "Is your 'charming' husband scared the living hell out of me and just about made me spill pancake batter all over the floor!"

"Oh, he did, did he?" you mother growled, glaring at James.  

"He also was a big meanie! He told ____ to make him some pancakes with out saying please!" Emilee added, sticking her tongue out at James.  Your mother crossed her arms, tapping her finger on her shoulder. James let out a nervous laugh, scratching the back of his head. Your mother snagged his hear, and he let out a cry in pain.

"Owowow, dear, let go.  That's my ear, I use that to listen." she whinnied.

"Well, obviously you don't need it, seeing as you weren't listening to me earlier." she huffed. She gave a tug an his ear, and dragged him back up the stairs. "Just because you're sick doesn't give you the right to go bossing everyone around you twit," she lectured him. You sigh, returning to cooking. You spray the cooking pan and pour some batter into it.  Jack couldn't seem to stop laughing.

"Oh my- that was just fantastic. You guys are better than cable!" he Joked.

"Jack! It's not nice to laugh at other people!" Emilee scolded him, putting her hands on her hips.

"All right, all right. I'm sorry, I'll stop," Jack said, calming down.  "So, what do you have in mind for today Kiddo?"

"Um, I'm not sure." Emilee said. "Maybe you could freeze something. Or, make something really cool out of snow. " Jack shrugged.

"Seems easy enough."

"All right, here you go. Two, chocolate chip pancakes," you said, handing Emilee her plate.She sniffed the air around them.

"Mm, those smell really yummy!" she said. "Are you sure you don't want any Jack?"

"Yeah, I'm fine. I don't eat too much Kiddo, I'll be fine." Emilee turned to her pancakes and dug in like she was starving. Jack chuckled. You made your plate and sat across from her, eating a lot more mannered.  You laughed.

"You better slow down before you give yourself a tummy ache," You told her.  Emilee sighed and nodded, reluctantly eating at a regular pace.

"So, what exactly do you and Jack plan to do to get me to see him? Are you going to do some weird ritual, bring snowmen to life, turn the town pool into an ice rink?"

"Actually, just make something out of snow, but those aren't bad ideas." Jack remarked.

"He said no, but that they went bad ideas." Emilee told you. Your face went white.

"Oh... me and my big mouth..." you mumble.

Later in the day, Emilee was dragging you all over town, trying one ridiculous idea after the other. Up hill, down hill, running around in circles! So much so that you were actually starting to get dizzy.

"E-Emilee..." You say exhausted. "Cant we take a break?"

"No, we cant stop for anything! We need to get you and Jack reunited as soon as possible!"  she shouted with much determination. You groaned miserably. What in the world did I put myself into, you thought. Jack flew a little bit ahead of you and your sister.

"Where are we going this time Jack?" Emilee asked as she tried to keep up with his fast flying.

"The pool. Where else?" he said with a hint of mischief.  Jack flew further ahead, and then over a tall fence that surrounded the pool. "Let's see, how do I get the water flowing..." he said to himself, looking around. "Oh, ah ha!"

"Emilee, just.... Just one second!" You wheeze. Emilee finally stops, letting go of your hand at the entrance of the pool gates.  Jack walked along the side pf the pool, watching the water rising fast. He smiled to himself.

"Man, this is going to be awesome!" Jack flew over to the gate and unlocked it, opening it for you and Emilee.  Emilee gladly ran inside. You, however, were still catching your breath.  

"OK, Miss Em." you said when you finally caught your breath. "Where is it that we're headed?" you asked.  "Em?" you asked again. "Emilee?" You turned around, and were struck dumb to see her inside the pool gates. "Emilee! Get over here! We cant be here!" you tried to shout, but it came out a whisper.  You look around, suddenly feeling like the whole world was watching you.  You poke your head in the gates, not wanting to go a single step inside. "Emilee! Get your toshie over here right now! This is breaking and entry! We can get in serious trouble!" you tried to shout.  Jack flew over to your side.

"Aw,come on? What's here to be afraid of?" he said, leaning onto one of the fence poles.  You only kept trying to get Emilee's attention, determined not to go past those gates. Jack looked down at your feet, then back at your panicked face. He casually whistled, twirling his staff. He sung his staff past your feet, making the ground under you covered in frost. You quickly lose your balance, slipping and falling just past the gates. "Whoops...." Jack said innocently, closing the gates behind you and re locking them. You quickly spring back up, trying your hardest to pry the gates back open.

"Oh no,no!" you said to yourself in horror. "Oh no no no no NO! We're trapped! Someone saw us! This is not good, this is not good!' Emilee noticed your odd behavior and rejoined your company.

"What's wrong sissy?" she asked.

"What's wrong? What's wrong is that we're trapped in here and there's no way out!" You panicked as you began pacing."OH man, what if the school finds out? That'll go on my permanent record... We'll be sent to Juvie, Mom and James will be sent to jail..."

"Wait, what?" Jack asked in disbelief. "There is no way it could be that bad."

"Mom'll kill me! She's gonna kill me!" you went on rambling. "How am I ever going to get in collage? They'll think I'm a criminal! I wont be able to go to collage, with out collage, I cant get a job, with out a job I'll be homeless and starve! I'll have to jump from state to state working at old retirement homes for lower than minimum wage and under an alias... I'll be a fugitive! I wont survive a life of crime!"

"Whoa whoa whoa!" Jack said. "____, you watch way too much TV. That is definitely not going to happen."

"That it, it's over. I'm done for... My life is a complete sham... I'll never make it out alive..."

"Jack, what's wrong with_____?" Emilee asked.  Jack nervously smiled, rubbing his head.

"Nothing, don't worry. She'll be fine," he assured her. Jack turned his gaze,noticing the pool was nearly full.  He turned off the water flow and then floated just above the pool.  Emilee smiled and grabbed your hand.

"Come on _____! Jack's going to freeze the pool!" She said, giving your arm a tug, and then racing up the edge of the pool. Jack gently eased his way down to the surface of the water; and with one lightly step, the water began to frost at his touch. He took another step, and another. The water froze into an instant path of ice at his will.  Emilee gawked at Jack in amazement.

"______!______! You've got to see this!"Emilee said, pulling out of your overly dramatic fantasizing. You join her at the edge of the water. You stare in aw, as you see the surface of the water freezing bit by bit.

"Jeez, I knew it was cold out here, but no that cold," you said. Jack stepped over toward you ad Emilee, the ice freezing over to the edge.

"Ready to do some ice skating?" he asked, holding out his hands.  

"Woohoo! Yes please!" Emilee cheered, taking Jack's hand. He pulled her onto the ice, sending her sliding to the other end. She squealed in delight, even when she lot her balance and plopped on her butt. Jack laughed slightly, finding Emilee's enthusiasm adoring.

"OK, your turn worry wart," Jack said teasingly. You just stare at the ice in fright. Jack sighed. "Guess we have to do things the hard way, again," He said with a shrug. You suddenly felt your hand jerked, some invisible force pulling you onto the ice. You shrieked in fear of the ice collapsing. But you didn't dare move. It could give way at any moment! Jack laughed. "You're just a big chicken," Jack teased. "When you were little this was your favorite thing to do. You loved it when I'd freeze a bunch of water for you so you could skate."  Emilee gasped at his comment. You look at her in confusion.

"What's wrong?" you asked her.

"Jack just called you a chicken!" she said. "Jack, you're a big meanie! Take that back! It's not nice to call names!" Jack only laughed.

" You think I'm mean now huh? Well, that's not mean, this is," and with that, Jack took your arm, pulling you all across the ice. You shrieked in terror. He pulled you around and around, gathering as much speed as he could.

"Somebody help me!" you cried.  Suddenly you felt yourself flung in a random direction. You lose your balance, yet again,  and feel on your belly. But,  you were going to fast and didn't stop!  You screamed at your heading straight off the pool and yelped at impacting a big tuft of snow.  Jack winced.

"Whoops..." he said, not meaning to run you into any snow.  He made his way over to you, helping you out of the snow. "Are you all right?" he asked worried. You groaned, seemingly dizzy. You opened your mouth to complain, but it came out a giggle.  You rub your eyes, something sparkly getting in your eyes. Jack smiled. The spirit of fun had gotten to you and he seemed very pleased. You giggle again, until you couldn't hold it and it turned into a laughing fit. And, it was contagious too. Emilee seemed giddy with laughter as well, unable to bring herself under control either.

"Now that's more I like it," Jack said with satisfaction.  The next thing you knew you and Emilee were spinning in circles, holding each other's hands. Then you both let go, sliding opposite ways from each other. Emilee ended up falling backwards on her butt, but you easily used your speed and weight to turn another direction right before coming to the edge. On the other side of the fence, a few kids gathered to watch you skate beautifully. You turn and do a spin on one foot, earning a few  "Oh's" and "Awe's".

"Hey, you guys want to skate too?" Jack asked. The kids all nodded their heads, and Jack happily opened the gate for them.

"Woohoo! Yeah!" One of them called as they ran onto the ice, only to end up slipping and falling instantly, earning a laugh from one of his friends.  The other kids tried to skate as well, but all most all of them seemed to constantly slip and fall.  A few of them ended up sliding into snow piles.  You giggle at how much fun they seemed to be having even though they couldn't even stand up.  You admired their innocence. Jack laughed softly.

"Man, just like old times, right _____?" he asked happily. But, his happiness faded into disappointment when he realised you still couldn't see him.   But, he still smiled anyway. Jack was glad to see you happy. Even though you couldn't see him, and he couldn't communicate with you; both of you felt like you were bonding.  And, the feeling as mutual, all through out his and Emilee's crazy shenanigans. He and Emilee did everything they could to get you to see him. But, they all ended in failure. But who said that was such a bad thing? You grew close with your brand new sister, helped bring joy to the neighborhood kids, and you had a great time. That was actually the most fun you had in a long time. You really, truly felt like a little kid again.

It was late sunset, and you were carrying a worn out sister of yours on your back as you slowly walked home. Jack was walking by your side, rather than floating.  You were humming a tune of some sort that was on some one's radio at the last place you were at.  

"Man, was today awesome or what?" Jack asked softly with glee. You only kept humming to yourself.  jack sighed and shook his head at you still not being able to hear him.

"Jack...." Emilee slightly said in her sleep. You and Jack stopped for a second to see if she would say anything else. When she stayed silent, you continued on.

"You know, I have to thank you, Jack," you said.

"Huh? For what?" he asked confused. You smile to yourself softy, taking a deep breath.

"This is the most fun I've had sense I was little. I don't think I can remember a time when I was more at peace with the world..." you told him, not for sure if he was there or not. Jack just stared at you. "You know, I don't know if you're real or not.... And, if you are... I'm really, very sorry that I cant see you..."

"Heh, it's all right I guess. You cant really help it." Jack said, masking his slight sadness.  "It would actually be a miracle if you did see me..." You stopped walking, and looked over into the water below the bridge you were passing over. The light of the sunset shone like a mixture of light and paints over the damp ice and snow.  Your smile left your face at a sudden sadness you felt. "Jack..." you began to say, but then started crying. Jack panicked.

"Wh-What wrong?" He asked, not sure what to do. "D-Don't cry ____! Please, calm down."

"I feel like... you're so real.... The pool... the frost on my bed... and, all the kids.... " you say through your tears. "I feel like, I should be able to see you by now... But... all I can see is just Emilee and I... and just snow... If you're real, and we are childhood friends... then... why cant I see you...? Why... Why cant I remember anything?"

"_______..." Jack said with a croak. You burst out in heavy tears. Jack just turned his back, waiting for you to calm down.  When you regained control over your sadness, you sat on a near bench, laying Emilee's head in your lap. Jack took the empty space next to you.

"Are you going to be all right?" he asked with concern. You only look down at Emilee, toking her hair.  Jack smiled and scooted a little closer to you. "Hey, cheer up, _____. Even though we cant make very much contact with each other, we still had fun today, didn't we?" You sigh, feeling a sense of loneliness.

"Jack..." you say, your voice dripping of sadness. You open your mouth to say something, but close it again, lost in your thoughts and emotions.

"What's wrong, what is it?" Jack pleaded.  You felt your eyes beginning to sting with more tears.

"Jack. If, you're real, then there are other magical beings in the world, right?" you asked.

"Of course there are. A lot. There's Santa,the Easter Bunny, Tooth and her little baby teeth fairies, and Sandy." he replied.

"Do you think, maybe one of the many creatures of the world could maybe help me- er I mean us?" you stuttered. Jack tilted his head in confusion. "Maybe one of them could help me remember something?Just one thing, you know? Maybe if I had a memory of you... Maybe then I could see you?"

"No... I don't think..." Jack began, but then his eyes went wide. He stood up, as if he were suddenly filled with energy. "No, wait! Th-That's actually not a bad idea." You look around in hopes of maybe getting a sign of some sort, you drop your head in disappointment when you don't see anything. "____! Do you realize what you've just said! I could-! Tooth! She-She collects teeth for their memories! I've knocked plenty of your teeth out playing with you! DO you know what this means?" Jack said with eager. His sudden burst of happiness cease at seeing you shedding a few tears. Jack sat back down at your side. He wiped your face, your tears freezing at his cold touch.  You shivered at his cold skin touching your face. You notice your frozen tears landing on your glove. You give a slight smile.

"Thanks for trying to cheer me up, Jack," you say with gratitude.

"Anytime, kiddo," he replied with the same thanks. You stand up, putting Emilee on your side.
"Don't you worry, _____." Jack said. "I'm going to go to Tooth's palace, and get your memories. I'll be back before you know it, I promise."  Jack looked up at the sky. "Come on wind, take me to the tooth palace!" he shouted. And with one large gust of wind, Jack was gone. You shivered at the cold breeze. You looked up at the sky, and smiled.

"See you later Jack."
Ok! Areal big bonding chapter for you and Jack, dear reader! ^^ Is it just the unbreakable bond of two best friends, ot is it the beginings of love? Only time and more reading will tell!

Im also getting close to the bonding chapters!PLease do tell what you all would like to read! ^^

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Hey when is the next chapter coming out?
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Hopefully, soon. I forgot what I was going to put at the very end of chapter eight, and I cant seem to remember. ^^;
anime-manga-freak1 Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
OK, I actually remembered! ^^ I'll be uploading in about 30 minutes! ^^
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